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Free Sample Charity Offers for Canadians

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Why not give some free samples rather than just get all the free samples for yourself? A few organizations out there are giving free samples away to those in need rather than just people looking for some more freebies.

Campbell’s soup for example is giving free cans of soup for sending virtual ones via Facebook. Just send virtual campbell soup cans via this link and real ones will be given in their place.

Free Money for cancer research when you plant a tulip.  They will donate 10 cents to cancer research for each tulip planted.  Check out more information via this link

The last free thing you can give is through the website FREERICE which gives free grains of rice for answer you get right! You learn english and give free rice samples.  AWESOME.  via this link

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2 Responses to “Free Sample Charity Offers for Canadians”

  1. Alley-Cat says:

    Now this was worth every minute. Planting virtual tulips for Breast Cancer research. This is great to give back. Go Breast Cancer research!

  2. Kate says:

    That site is great!!!

    And just so you know, you don’t only have to use english vocabulary for it! There many other languages!

    Also, many different subjects! I played for just 5 minutes or so, and was able to donate a lot of rice! Five minutes out of my day, and maybe someone will be a little less hungry. This is the best freebie i’ve ever had.

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