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Expired- Free Sample Clorox Wipes

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This Free Canadian Sample is a little bit tricky, and I’ll explain why.

Clorox wipes themselves are fairly straightforward. You spill, you wipe.

But the form for this free sample looks a little shifty. But only because I think the person who originally found it copied the link from a pop-up box.

All the rest of the deets fall nicely into place, though. The confirmation email, the anti-spam thinggi they ask you to type in, the province selection, the Clorox icon at the top of the address bar etc.

Anyhow, by joining their Clean Team, you can receive these handy wipes as free samples.

This is especially good news if you enjoy any of the following: Food fights, throwing pies in people’s faces, eating without your hands, always eating with your hands, making mud pies, or any sexy combination of the above.

But is also just generally good news as you will be the recipient of Canadian samples with the click of a mouse.

The Free Canadian Sample: POSSIBLY EXPIRED NOW!! Click here to get yo’self squeaky-deaky clean.

WE UPDATED A NEW SAMPLE!Free Sample Forever Lily Perfume for Canada

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Expired, Not Free ?

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5 Responses to “Expired- Free Sample Clorox Wipes”

  1. Leah says:

    This sample is no longer available

  2. Jordanna says:

    it ended already :(

  3. deb says:

    i love these products….

  4. Carole says:

    This sample just came out and is already expired !!!

  5. charissa123 says:

    This is a tottally shifty site, it wanted my email, and nothing at the address bar said clorox, probably a pyramid scam where we all sign up under someone, and THEY get the bonus
    very disappointed gang :(

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