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Free Sample Coloring Book from Dr Suess

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Dr Suess has a free sample offer thanks to energy star who thinks every home should be energy efficient. Yes, Dr Suess loves green eggs and ham, even his friend sam. Of course when Dr Suess writes these lines… he doesnt make rhymes as bad as mine. At least you can get a free sample, that should be for you pretty ample…

In any case, lets stop the rhymes and get down to business. To get the free sample coloring book: On the page of the link scroll down to the LORAX COLORING BOOK. Type a 1 in the quantity box. Scroll up to the top and hit add to cart. Then click proceed to checkout.

Free Sample Coloring Book from Dr Suess

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19 Responses to “Free Sample Coloring Book from Dr Suess”

  1. Christine says:

    Just ordered this. Now i just have to wait.

  2. Connie says:

    ordered just waiting.

  3. just ordered i just have to wait

  4. NATASHA says:

    The kidlets are gonna love these! Yay! Thanks, Canada Samples and OwNeR!!

  5. debbie says:

    i can’t wait for this i love dr. suess!

  6. Karen Whalen says:

    haha, the anti-spam word was Canada.
    It is a states site! Though I have heard of engergy star here how come its the US Environmental Agency?

  7. Karen Whalen says:

    Yeah, I signed up for it!

  8. charissa123 says:

    Can’t get past the address page, it won’t let me put a province

  9. Carrie says:

    Heyyy. That’s not how you spell Dr. Seuss. *tsk*

  10. Denise D says:

    It’s not a coloring book it’s an activity book but what the heck it’s still free…

  11. Kathy says:

    I can’t put in a province either :-(

  12. Kathy says:

    Oh, I tried it again WITHOUT autofill & it worked!

  13. mary smith says:

    let us see what happens

  14. Frances says:


    Click on the country first….pick Canada…then go back and click on the province.

  15. Erika says:

    It won’t let me put international # in???

  16. kavitha says:

    hi guies i love free gifts.

  17. Denise Duquette says:

    It’s not a coloring book it’s an activity book anyway it’s free…

  18. Ywain says:

    My problem is that I can’t enter my phone number. Any ideas?

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