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Free Sample French’s Honey Mustard (after rebate)

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This Free Canadian Sample is a treat for you taste buds. Have you ever found yourself eating chicken nuggets (or some other  dip-able delight) at home only to feel a pang in your stomach? A yearning for something more? A desire to up the savoury ante on your home cooked meal?

French’s has a new and free solution to your hunger-ish woes with this free Canadian sample. Should you be perusing your local grocery aisle, you might see that their new Honey Mustard dipping sauce is now being offered with a mail-in rebate, making this a great free samlpe. For those of you who do not browse condiment bottles for deals, you’ve just read it here!

Disclaimer the 1st: This applies only to specially marked bottles, so don’t just swing your hand out to promiscuously grab any old plastic container. Have some standards, guys.

Disclaimer the 2nd: The rebate is valued at up to $3.33, so if you buy your mustard for $5, you’ve been had. In the most delicious yet disappointing way.,

Put normal mustard in your past. He’s so boring and unintelligent. It’s time to turn to Honey Mustard. In all his sweet and tangy glory. What all the mustard companions are hot for. This includes hot dogs, chicken strips, and burgers. They all roll around in it and beg for more.

Only the first bottle’s free. After this free Canadian sample, the rest is up to you…

The Free Canada Sample: Click here to see what the mustard’s all aboot (eh), THEN visit your local store to surrender to a higher mustard.

*Merci to the Nut who loves Music!

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2 Responses to “Free Sample French’s Honey Mustard (after rebate)”

  1. Gayle says:

    All I can get to is coupons that require a ‘valid zip code’. Am I too late for the free (mail in) sample?

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