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Free Sample Hugo Boss Cologne & Perfume

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This is another scent-worthy Free Canadian Sample for those of you who like to be fresh smelling.

Perfumes & colognes are known for being sexy and raw, and all those other primal adjectives that make you feel like a jungle-dweller.

Hugo Boss regularly offers up its scents on a rotating basis, so there is always a new free sample to try out.

Right now, they’ve got 2 colognes (Hugo Man & Hugo Element) and 1 perfume (Hugo Deep Red) being offered as free samples.

The choice is  yours. But even if the fragrances themselves don’t put a spring in your step, perhaps knowing that they are free Canadian samples will. That always helps.

I wonder if it ever occurs to perfume makers to make their products smell more like food. guy would be able to resist the smell of steak on his lady friend?

Citrus and vanilla are very appropriate in this sense, but why not take it even further with bacon? Is that so unreasonable?

But enough of my philosophy. And more of the free sample link below.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to smell like Jesus. But better.

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One Response to “Free Sample Hugo Boss Cologne & Perfume”

  1. trixxy says:

    Once again, ya take time filling out forms-only to find it is NOT available.

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