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Free Sample Issue Glo Adventurer Kids Magazine

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This Free Sample brings back sweet, sweet memories.

Man, when I was a kid (not that I’m not one right now, but you understand), I used to loooooove the shizz outta animals. And I still do, I suppose. But not in the same way.

How useful this free sample for Canadians would have been to me then. When I used to watch the Discovery Channel for hours on end, watching wilderness and nature’s awesome creatures.

“Glo” is a magazine for kids featuring the same type of biological subject matter. Lions and tigers and bears for your little adventurer.

The current issue focuses on India, but I’m not sure if each issue changes its feature location or not. I suppose it doesn’t matter if you’re only looking to get the first free sample issue.

The Free Sample: Click here to develop your child’s interest in animals…or aminals as they call them.

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