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Free Sample Jouviance Skin Care

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This Free Canadian Samople is Francais-friendly!

I know sometimes these free samples have restrictions placed on them regarding who can take part. So Quebec sometimes gets the short end of the stick. I’m not sure why companies would choose to do this, but it’s a ripoff and a half.

I’m glad to announce that this free Canadian sample will do nothing of the sort. This is all inclusive, equal opportunity sampling. (The form even defaults to Quebec as your province!)

This also explains why you likely haven’t heard of this Jouviance brand before. But we all know how much class and sass French things carry with them, so this should be a nice little treat. Better than Jergens or whatever.

“Jouviance would like to offer you free travel sized products to help you face the future with confidence. To receive your free products, simply fill in the form to your right and your name will be automatically entered to win 6 months’ worth of Jouviance products!”


So not only will you get your 2 free travel-size free Canadian sample bottles, you’ll also have the opportunity to win a lot more. C’est bonne.

The system is first come first served, so if your choices are unavailable, you may get a replacement. Just smile and be thankful you got anything at all would be my advice to you.

Here are the 4 choices you have…

EcoDefense Antioxidant Emulsion (2mL)
EcoRejuvenation Anti-Aging – Normal to Dry Skin (5mL)

EcoRejuvenation Eye Serum (1mL)

I could insert more French words into this fee Canadian sample post, but I’ll just end it and tell you to get yours now.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for samples and the chance to win big.

**Musicnut strikes again!

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7 Responses to “Free Sample Jouviance Skin Care”

  1. Glenda says:

    HMMMMM… I filled in the form with all the correct info and received a thank you from them but when I read my profile it said my province was Quebec although I had typed in my correct province and my age said I was born today??? There were a few other items that defaulted back to what was on the form originally as well. My address and posta lcode were right but can’t help but wonder if my samples will go to Quebec to an address which doesn’t exist?? Will have to wait and see I guess!!

  2. SJ says:

    “E-mail 5 friends & be entered
    to WIN 6 months’ worth
    of Jouviance products!”

    My birthday also switched to today, lucky me I live in Quebec so I can’t comment on that.

  3. Cora says:

    Kept being brought back to the form saying please fill in all required areas. Everything was filled out

  4. Christine says:

    Same thing happened to me as Glenda said, just gonna have to cross my fingers on this one.

  5. Carol-Ann says:

    I had the same problem as cora so I just gave up.

  6. Constance says:

    Hi Guys & Gals @ Free Samples!~
    The Birthday thing might be because the company doesn’t want to intrude, or personally cares. Could be a way to track how many on which day blah, blah, guess on the Province thing is that it doesn’t really matter all that much cause they have our postal code.
    Thank You Again for another GREAT FREEBEE!!!!

  7. Enid says:

    I had that same problem too as a few of you, but then I finally scrolled to the right of the page and low and behold, there is a place to enter which product you want. When I did that, it worked!!

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