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Free Canada Sample KLM Luggage Tags

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If you’re a traveler (and hey, even if you’re not) you’ll probably like this Free Canadian Sample brought to you by Royal Dutch Airlines. They’re offering you the chance to get some nice luggage tags for yer bags and suitcases and the like.

The really cool part of this freebie that you can actually customize the design of your own labels. Put your favourite vacation spot, your glamour shots, or your band of choice (Black Sabbath, woot!) on the label to inspire great jealousy in others.

You get 2, so you can coordinate your belonging as you see fit. Like His and Hers (is this cute or gross?). Or Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Your other option for this free Canadian sample is to select a picture from the image bank that KLM has already selected. They’ve got airplanes, nature, and MY personal favourite, “inspiration”. Like those posters of dramatic sunsets or cute kittens hanging from branches. Only better and more travel-related.

Also neat-o about this promotion (yes, neat-o) is the fact that you also have the opportunity to actually USE the tags. “Win 2 tickets to your dream destination with KLM. After you order your free canada sample luggage tag you can automatically join our ‘Picture yourself on KLM’ contest. View the KLM Destination Guide for your dream destination.”

Who would have thought sooo much happiness could come from two little tags? And its a FREE sample, to boot!

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here for the Canada to create your own tags!

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4 Responses to “Free Canada Sample KLM Luggage Tags”

  1. Frances says:

    Contest is closed!!!

  2. ana says:

    Last time that this was posted, we actually received our tags. I got 2, my hubby got 2, and my mom got 2…. they look awesome and it was so much easier to locate our luggage when we went on vacation.

  3. Tiffany says:

    It worked when i sent it this morning.
    Contest was still on.

  4. Wendy Zuiddam says:

    Hi guys,

    Go to and order your free KLM luggage tags also for Canada!

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