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Free Sample LocTite Super Glue

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This Free Canadian Sample is for those of us who are slightly clumsy.

Are you constantly walking into things? Do you find your clamped fists constantly gravitating towards precious delicates? Are you incapable of owning fine china?

Whether or not you do it on purpose, we all break things every once in a while. This is a truth. A fact of life. An inevitability.

But with this free Canadian sample, there’s no need to cry over spilled milk, shattered vases, or what have you. LocTite 4204 will save the day, and pick up your life and its shambles off the floor and back into a recognizable form.

The free Canadian sample is a Prism Instant Adhesive, and thermal resistant bee tee dubs (btw). I’m not sure what this means, but let’s read a little blurb about the goods from the website…

This Free Sample of “Loctite® 4204™ Prism® is a medium viscosity, thermally resistant, clear, one part, room temperature cure, rubber toughened instant adhesive. Excellent hot strength and heat aging properties.”

Just imagine how happy the pieces will be once they are reunited into their original form. It would mean so much to them. So get in on this free Canadian sample for the good of porcelain-kind.

The Free Canadian Sample: This free sample link has been removed by request of the company.

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One Response to “Free Sample LocTite Super Glue”

  1. Evelyn Daniels says:

    Should be interesting.

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