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Free Sample L’Oréal 2 Samples & Beauty Magazine

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This Free Canadian sample is all about perks.

It’s not just an “everyone’s welcome” sort of thing. No ordinary citizen gets access to L’Oréal’s beauty magazine. Toms, Dicks and Harry’s be damned.

This free Canadian sample comes as a gift to Loréal VIP member. The club itself provides you with access to some pretty nice things. I mean, provided you’re into that sort of stuff.

Sorry to the guys out there. But not really.

Here’s what membership entails with this free Canadian sample (all of which you are entitled to BEFORE the actual beauty magazine in question)…

  • Expert advice and personalized tips from industry professionals
  • The inside scoop on our newest products, plus fashion and beauty tips
  • Backstage look at exclusive photo, interviews and videos
  • Premier acces to free samples, sweepstakes, special offers and more

Please be careful when filling out your address. Because right below it, you’ll see an option to tick a box that secures your magazine delivery.

And the other box agreeing to receive promotions and free Canadian samples.

Tick one if you want. But both if you’re smart.

Once you’re done signing in, click the “Receive Free Samples” button or the “Special Offers Tab at the top of Penelope Cruz’s face and you shall see TWO samples up for grabs.

1) Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair and 2) Skin Genesis.

Schwing! Double Schwing!

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to tick and receive.

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this freebie, you should checkout our Free Canadian Sample Forum. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST. It’s new and shiny and easy to use, and is waiting for you to visit it!

Orrrr you could always just visit us on FACEBOOK! Click here to do that and get free Canada sample notifications on your news feed. You know you want to.

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4 Responses to “Free Sample L’Oréal 2 Samples & Beauty Magazine”

  1. Cora says:

    Have tried three times now to register for the “VIP treatment” and before it will take me to the next step it continues to go back to the first page and wanting me to retype email address. It is my correct email address and have retyped it three times. No luck…still takes me back to first page. Unable to get to the free sample page

  2. charissa123 says:

    SAME Crappy luck as u

  3. Jean says:

    I’ve had the same problem as Core. Poor luck!!!

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