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Free Sample Maybelline “Fit Me” Foundation (NEW)

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This Free Canadian Sample is not a lazy copy/paste situation.

Yes, it’s true that this offer was available a couple weeks ago.

But now it’s back, with a new pile of 15,000 more free samples to hand out! Which was all detailed on the Maybelline wall with great exclamation.

Now, remember, this foundation is not for your neighbour. Not your best friend. Not yo mama. Just you.

It’s foundation that fits YOU, after all. And it’s a free sample, so that little detail ALSO probably fits you, yes?

After  you “Like” the brand, go to the “FIT ME” tab on Maybelline’s Facebook page and scroll down till you see the button detailing the promotion.

Ironically, the form doesn’t ask you WHICH colour would specifically “fit you”, but hey. Samplers can’t be choosers.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to get coverage that fits lllllllllllike a glove, as Ace Ventura might say. (And make sure to put your birthday like MM/DD/YYYY.)

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