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Free Sample of Coffee from Melitta

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Sign up for Melitta coffee and get a free sample bag of their world harvest premium coffee. Now with this free sample we wonder just how much “talk” and “marketing” is involved since they use words like premium and world, vs taste. It’s like saying they also have zero death crystals, no midget nose hairs, and in fact I even heard this product has not used child labor on Somalian pirate ships. Still if you sign up you get a free sample of this coffee, marketing or not, and if you refer a friend they will get $2 off.

Free Sample of Coffee from Melitta
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3 Responses to “Free Sample of Coffee from Melitta”

  1. Enid says:

    After I signed up, they then said “refer a friend” and we will send you a coupon for the free bag of coffee and your friend a $2. coupon. If your friend doesn’t sign up, you get nadda, the way I read it.

  2. Frances says:

    Well I signed up and refered 2 friends. You are probably right Enid, if friends don’t sign up, we get doing.

  3. Constance says:

    Yeah..that’s what I read as well, our sign up friends need to sign up for the free coffee BUT there is a FREE CONTEST to enter as well as tons of other stuff on the site.
    Thanks guys, I’m pleased with this FREE SAMPLE from ya all.

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