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Free Sample of Fibre Plus Cereal!

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This is a great free Canada Sample. It is a free sample of Fibre Plus Cereal! So they ask you if you want to answer three questions first, but you don’t even need that to get the free sample! The questions they ask are, what colour your eyes are, information about physical characteristics, and what flavor you want. Perhaps it is really just a dude in disguise using your information to find dates. Who would think of something so crazy… uchmmm… Nick…. uchmmm….

The free Canada Sample:
click here for the Canada Sample. To get the free sample, click where it says free sample on the top right (after clicking on that link)

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5 Responses to “Free Sample of Fibre Plus Cereal!”

  1. Evelyn Daniels says:

    When this was offered before, I sent for the sample and received it this past week. The cereal was okay. I got the berry flavor. I won’t be buying though because I like some other cereals better.

  2. Katie says:

    I got the berry one last time.
    It was disgusting.
    The coupon they sent with it was for “100 cents off”. I kid you not. Not $1, oh no, 100 cents.
    Let’s see if they will send me the other kind for free…

  3. Meguinn says:

    I got these in the mail the other day and they were AMAZINGG!!

  4. carley says:

    I got the brown suger kind last time, didn’t really like it, hope the berry one is better!

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