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Free Canada Sample of NikWax Footwear Gel

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This free sample of NikWax should be easier to get than the true lemon. It turns out people were not filling out the form, right on the Canadian page and rather clicking where it said free sample here which took them to the US version of the form.  You just filled out the form on the page we told you to get the Canadian sample. Clicking anywhere else gave you a US free sample.

Hopefully this NikWax Footwear Gel free sample is a little easier to figure out. First you have to register for an account with your shipping information, and then take a quiz.  The quiz is five questions long but I figured out a way to cheat and get it fast.  Select any answer and then click check my answer. It will tell you the correct answer. Switch your answer to the correct one.  Do that five times and after you have all five correct questions click submit. Free Sample should arrive in 28 days.

Yes I was a sucker and it took me three times to try and get the free sample quiz correct.  I want through legimately tried to answer the NikWax Gel quiz correct, but no 4 out of 5 each time until I discovered that cheat method.

Free Sample of NikWax Footwear Gel
Get it via this link *use the cheat method listed above.

If anyone has trouble let us know and we’ll try to help you get your free sample! Comment any problems!

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7 Responses to “Free Canada Sample of NikWax Footwear Gel”

  1. musicnut says:

    khristineclaire listed the questions and correct answers for the Nikwax quiz here. Thanks khristineclaire…much appreciated! :-)

  2. Maggie says:

    Well, I tried.. got a quiz of 11 questions, nine of which correspond to the answers as you listed above Musicnut. Oh well… not much of an outdoorsy hiker..

  3. Maggie says:

    OOPS! That was supposed to be *none* of which correspond to the questions/answers etc…

  4. Ambrosia says:

    I got a quiz of 10 questions, NONE of which corresponded to the above mentioned. If I tried to fix an answer after it had been checked it wouldn’t let me.

  5. brad says:

    sample is in the mail,thanks

  6. Bernie says:

    got a chance for a free sample about 3 months ago am still waiting!!hmmmm!!!

  7. SJ says:

    Thanks, your trick worked.
    This is not the first time you have offered this website thought.

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