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Free Sample of Seeds from Collective Roots

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This free sample will be perfect for around spring time, and thankfully if you request it now it should come before it is time to plant it. The best thing about a free sample of seeds is that, if you care for it right you’ll get something nice out of it. As the websites says: “We have the perfect thing to get you started: a packet of FREE seeds, from our garden to yours.”

Let’s just hope this free sample is full of seeds that grow plants that are legal. I’ll start to wonder if it requires a constant lamp and a dry environment. Would be great to not know if you are getting a pumpkin, a venus fly trip, or just a peanut plant, or who knows what.

In any case just sign up for the free sample via the link for the seeds

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11 Responses to “Free Sample of Seeds from Collective Roots”

  1. musicnut says:

    The ‘Zip’ field on this form does not accept letters, only numbers. For Canadian requests, put your Postal Code in the ‘State/Province’ field (next to your Province) and fill the ‘Zip’ field with 00000 (zeroes).

    It worked fine for me doing it that way. :-)

  2. zachster3 says:


  3. Sheila says:

    They are all gone as of yesterday!

  4. Sharon says:

    I just got your post for the seeds and they’ve run out already. Sorry to have missed this one.

  5. Lana1253 says:

    I to was sorry to miss out on this one..I would have loved to get some seeds for my garden.Oh well may be next time.

  6. Ywain Cuddy says:

    This freebie was already expired by the time it was posted. Do they only have enough to supply a hundred or so when it’s
    only 2 packets of seeds they’re offering! This one really sounds like a come-on.

  7. Clara says:

    ha ha ha! re: legal.
    too funny.
    I missed out too. will hafta B quicker next time or I will go to seed.

  8. Sharon says:

    I just received my email about the free seeds and guess what–they are no longer offering them–this has hapened more than once–

  9. Heather says:

    I think this was just a scam to get my email address, because ‘suddenly’ they ran out of seeds! What a joke!!

  10. anrev says:

    Perhaps, but I did fill it out and received a message they’d be shipping them out…..

  11. musicnut says:

    Me too – I completed the form (early yesterday morning) and got the confirmation they’d be shipping the seeds out as well.

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