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Free Sample Playtex Tampons

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This free Canadian sample is another one for the females. (Sorry dudes. Check the archives for Bacon Salt.)

Ladies, you can never have too many free sample  thingamabobberss for your you-know-what. If you catch m’drift. *Eyebrow movement here*

And this free Canadian sample is Forrest Gump style, just like yesterday’s. Your pack wil be randomly selected based on their supply levels, but honestly, what’s the difference between these three anyhow?

“You will receive any one box of the three samples shown above, dependent on availability: Playtex® Sport™ Regular tampons, (3 count) Playtex® Gentle Glide® Regular Fresh Scent tampons, (3 count) or Playtex® Gentle Glide® Slenders tampons (4 count).”

With these free Canadian samples, I highly doubt that the plain one will NOT work in a sports situation. Or that the sports one will be too hardcore for a dinner situation. But Playtex insists on separating them. So whatever.

Also “whatever” about this free Canadian sample is the website design. I suppose it’s sorta cutesy, but it also looks like an 11-teen year old’s notebook. All it’s missing is “I heart some guy’s name” written over and over again and it would be complete.

Ahhhh, those were the days.
The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to collect more cotton.
**Schwing! This sample brought to you by Musicnut.

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