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Free Sample Red Lobster Birthday Gift

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This Free Canadian Sample is dedicated to you on your birthaversary.

If you thought only your mama cared, you were wrong. The Lobster that is Red also cares.

And to prove it, they’re giving away a special gift on your birthday. Most likely it will be an appetizer. But it will definitely be a food item of some sort.

I’m guessing you’ll have to verify your birthday by presenting identification. Because, you know, appetizers are serious business.

Also serious is the sort of conundrum I’m having internally thanks to this free Canadian sample.

To be perfectly honest, i’ve never even been to Red Lobster. I tend to only like fish if it’s deep fried or heavily breaded. And I’m not sure I could eat something that looks like a huge sea insect.

But the commercials always look sooo freaking tasty! And so you understand my psychological battle.

I suppose this free Canadian sample would be the perfect opportunity for me to dip my toes into seafood cuisine. It’s for free, as well, so I think I shall actually do this.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to eat sea creatures on your birthday.

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One Response to “Free Sample Red Lobster Birthday Gift”

  1. Meguinn says:

    Thanks so much for this great freebie!
    I go to Red Lobster almost every birthday so this is amazing! :)

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