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Free Sample Spa Resource Lotions

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This Free Canadian sample acknowledges the simple truth. And that truth is this: Free is good.

And as a free Canadian sampler, don’t you know it.

Someone just like you had reported that they signed up for this weeks ago, and then received a few different cream and lotions and butters and what not. So let’s all try now and see if we have the same luck.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do to get in on it…

“Tell us why you love us and we give you a great sample to try. BTW we can tell when you are faking the love…so keep it real or no freebie for you!”

My “real love” for this free Canadian sample was something absurd. Like “your foot cream is the only thing that relieves my reptilian feet!”

I think all you need is enthusiasm to get this one. Sound genuine and all that hoopla.

If you are too noble a person, you can abstain from this lying. But the rest of us shall all take pleasure in the fact that your hands and knees and feet are a tad dry without this free Canadian sample.

All the more for the rest of us! Ha!

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to pay fake compliments to a company you most likely know nothing aboot.

**Well done, Musicnut. Well done.

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this freebie, you’ll go ape shizz for our Free Canadian Sample Forum. Click here to visit, and find opportunities like this FIRST.

Orrrr you could always just visit us on Eff Bee. The book of Face. You know, Facebook! Click here to do that and get free Canada sample notifications on your news feed. You know you want to.

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4 Responses to “Free Sample Spa Resource Lotions”

  1. Lynda says:

    Thank you for the freebie, but the site is sooooo slow that I decided to exit and forget about it.

  2. Frances says:

    That’s too bad Lynda. Site wasn’t slow for me at all. Hope I get this one. Thanks….

  3. Carol-Ann says:

    Site wasn’t slow for me either. I can’t wait to get this item. It will be like having a spa in my own home. Thanks

  4. Evelyn Daniels says:

    This site wasn’t slow for me either. I’m looking forward to the sample arriving.

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