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Free Sample Starbuck’s Coffee on April 15

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This Free Canada Sample has graced our online pages before, but in slightly different ways.

I suppose Starbucks is just one of those companies who will not rest until everyone in the world has their lips attached to one of their cups. There’s already a Starbucks on every corner, so I’m not sure why these guys need the publicity with a free Canada sample. But who cares. Don’t question the free coffee. Just drink the coffee.

We all know how “green” marketing is everywhere right now. This Free Canadian sample included. So to bring our attention tot he fact that they’re on this ecological bandwagon, you’re invited to “bring in your travel mug and you could enjoy your favourite Starbucks brewed coffee for free.”

So you see, you can’t just waltz in (who actually waltzes in?) and sick out your hand expecting to be handed a free sample of coffee. Who do you think you are?

To be  part of this free Canadian sample, you’ve gotta bring a mug of sorts. Which they will then fill for you. I’m not sure if there’s a limit to the size of mug one is able to bring. But you’d probably be disappointed if you brought in one of those huge 1 litre Tim Horton’s jugs. Not only because it’s 1 litre. But also because it’s a competitor mug. The nerve!

Anyhow, make sure you not the date for this free Canadian sample on your calendars. April 15, which is this upcoming Thursday, folks.

The Free Canadian Sample: Click here to see the d’tails of this fine beverage offer.

**Musicnut in da houuuuse! See All the great free samples she posted about on our free sample forum !

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