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Free Sample to Watch Hulu in Canada (And Other Sites)

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We all know that sadly Hulu is blocked from Canadians, but this free sample unblocks all that. I mean we get most of the same shows here, just on CTV and not some of the channels in the US. Well there are actually a few free ways to allow yourself access, legally, to that site.

One company called unblock-us lets you easily change your apple tv, boxee box, laptop, or even your router to allow you to watch internet tv.

Free Sample Unblock US - Sign up using your email and follow the instructions they give you. It seemed pretty clear even for the non computer savy.

Another service we have used is called Hotspot Shield. This one is also a free sample and never costs anything for the free version via:

How To Watch Online TV In Canada without This Free Sample
There are actually quite a number of sites letting us watching tv right now! – Watch some great shows online thanks to this “free sample”. – lots of shows like Dr. House. – Lots of different programmes as well. - A number of comedy programmes available. –  A couple different shows available.

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