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Free Sample Trial of Readers Digest

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We here at free Canada samples strive to post great sample offers like this trial for readers digest, as well as answer all your questions about Canada Samples that come up.

Like, do we personally deliver the free samples like this readers digest trial? No, we tried that but it took several weeks, and we got so hungry we ate half the food samples.

Do we have a warehouse full  of free samples that we can send you? No, I wish, we have to rely on companies like Readers Digest to send these samples out.  We do however have Scott’s apartment which is full of dirty socks and pizza boxes from days ago.

How can you get this free sample trial of readers digest?

Via this link.  I recommend using fake credentials, like the wrong name. You have to write cancel on the invoice that comes, but, they also can’t  charge fake credentials. So be smart and use a fake name! (My dog gets lots of free samples)

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2 Responses to “Free Sample Trial of Readers Digest”

  1. Gary Ridge says:

    I hope no one responds to this promotion. Readers Digest can not stay out of trouble with the illegal marketing methods and then Canada Samples comes along and provides them with a whole new crop of “suckers”. Please Google this company and find out about their way of doing buisness and the Cities and states they have been sued by and the TV networks that have exposed their practices(C.B.C. included) Always remember nothing in life is free.

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