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Free Sample Messages From the Queen

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When I first heard about this free sample I thought it was free massages from the queen and I got excited until I thought about her wrinkle hands on my back, then realized thankfully this is just free samples messages from the queen.  These are messages for your birthday and anniversary.  So basically the free sample is a message from the queen which was probably prepared by some guy at a desk with a rubber stamp that has the Queen’s signature on it. Still it’s kinda cool I mean most likely I’m assuming this free sample is just a picture of the queen that says congrats YOUR NAME and her signature.

Free Sample Messages From the Queen
We found this thanks to MusicNut on our Free Sample Forum

Downloadable (PDF) application for a birthday message:

Downloadable (PDF) application for an anniversary message:

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One Response to “Free Sample Messages From the Queen”

  1. Glenda says:

    HELLO!! You have to be at least 100 years old to receive a birthday message from the Queen and it has to be a Diamond Wedding anniversary. You need to send a copy of the birth certificate and/or the marriage license. Not gonna happen as I highly doubt I will live that long!!

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