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Free Samples of Italian Coupons and Calendar

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What is the greatest free sample for Canadians today? Could it be a calendar full of coupons and pictures of the best italian food ever? Yes. In fact this is the free sample that is finally going to replace your old calendars before 2010 hits and you’re left thinking it’s Tuesday when it’s really Wednesday.

But hey, your old calendars know it’s almost death day for them, when they end up in that big paper pile in the sky. But that doesn’t have to mean death day just yet, if you save your calendar for about 7 years you’ll be able to use it again.

Free Sample Coupons and Food Calendar
Get it via this link

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7 Responses to “Free Samples of Italian Coupons and Calendar”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    This site does not work. I waited for quite some time and the new account never materialized.

  2. musicnut says:

    It is a very ‘finicky’ site – their Capcha (the code that you type in at the end to prove that it isn’t a spam request) wasn’t working this morning for quite a while, but has since been fixed.

    Give it another try and hopefully it will work this time.

  3. sharell says:

    too much hassle, to get new account, then 3x can’t connect

  4. Josie says:

    The site for the 2010 Italian Calendar worked fine for me.

  5. Tim Krause says:

    The Capcha is case sensitive, I found out.

  6. Alley-Cat says:

    this page cannot be displayed. yes once again a retarded website that is disabled. ya whatever.

  7. Sharon says:

    I tried this one and had no problem. Lucky me!

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