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After many requests, we have finally decided to include a tips page to help you understand a little bit more about the process of getting free samples. Below we address the most commonly asked questions and complaints about getting free samples

How do I get free samples?
Getting free samples is easy and simple. Throughout the day you will see posts to new sample offers. Simply click the link and the end of each post (sometimes it can be found under the heading “the link:”). Then you follow the instructions through the linked site to get the sample

The link is not working, or the free sample has expired!
Oh noo! The truth is that free sample offers go fast. Most free sample offers have limited quantities available and sometimes they get overwhelmed with offers (especially when it is a new promotion). Because of this it is very possible that the offer has expired. If the offer has expired before the day has ended (and it is our only post of the day) we generally will find a new one for you. If the post is brand new, there is often a chance that we messed up. If we messed up, we will try to fix it as soon as we can! Since sample posts expire quickly, the best way to make sure you are getting samples that are not expired is to start looking from the most recent sample page and go back from there.

Will I get massive amounts of SPAM?
As you can probably imagine free sample offers are very expensive. One of the reasons that companies are willing to shell out the extra cash to send you stuff (besides for the obvious that they want you to buy it again) is because they also want to build up their databases with your information. Lucky for us however, mailing things (I.E. snail mail) to people is also very expensive. This leaves e-mail. We do everything that we can to find companies who do not share information with third parties and who do not SPAM.

Note however, that if you give companies your real e-mail address, you should expect e-mails from them. For this reason, we recommend that you create a SPAM e-mail account solely for these offers. This way any SPAM you do receive will not clog your inbox. You can signup for a free e-mail account at hotmail, yahoo or others.

My sample has not arrived, WTH!
The most obvious reason that your sample has not arrived is because you have not gave it enough time. Samples generally take 8 – 10 weeks to arrive from the time you place an order (and sometimes longer). We know, this is a long time to wait! The great thing about samples every day though, is after that initial 8 – 10 week period you will start to receive samples every day in your mail.

Occasionally, the sample providers “forget” to take down the form once they have exhausted their supply of samples. We try to get you the free samples as quickly as we can so this does not happen, but occasionally it does.

Do I have to fill out any long surveys, or complete offers?
No! None of those ridiculous pay offers that need to be completed or those long surveys that never end. While technically there is an occasional “survey” depending on the offer, most of the time the surveys are less than 5 questions. Not like those other ones where you can spend hours answering personal questions.

Do you provide people with the samples?
We do not provide any of the samples listed. The samples are found by us and provided by third parties. This means that we cannot provide you with any samples. Asking us for the samples will get you nowhere, because we do not have any. You have to click the links at the bottom of each post to get the sample.

I hope we have answered a lot of your questions regarding free samples. If you have additional questions you can e-mail us at . You can also chat with us

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