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Free Simply Discrete Tampon Sample Bag for Canadians

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Do you like to really freak out your friends? If so this freebie might not be for you. Especially if you have a guest that just wont leave. Nothing says get the heck out of my house like leaving your used tampon/pad products all over. Don’t even put them in the waste bin. Just leave them right on the floor. Trust me, your house “guest” will go running, especially if you are a dude! If you are a woman, leaving an open tampon/pad is a great way to give your significant other notice not to mess with you. But if for some sort of reason you don’t want people to see why you are so cranky, if you just think its realy gross to put used tampons uncovered in a trash, or if you are worried about your obsessed neighbor trying to clone you, then you may want this free Tampon bag from Simply Discrete.

What the company says:
“Some things are just better left Simply Discrete. If you use a Tampon, Sanitary napkin, or Incontinence pad… our ‘Little Pink Bag’ is exactly what you need. One of our buyers indicated, ‘Neat & Discrete’.”

The link to Free Tampon bag sample
click here for the free sample
*I spoke with the lady offering the free sample, and she ships to canada

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