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Free Solar Rating for Earth Day Today only

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So you want to do something good for earth day? Solar panels are pretty sweet. They say look at me, I have money… so that I can save money (and the environment). Today only you can get a free test of your property to see if solar technology is right for you. It is a special site assessment tool, that they generally charge $9.95 for. $9.95 for a check? Seems a bit expensive but no worries, because today it is free. You could use the service to be a self certified solar inspector/tester. Simply charge a $39.99 consultation fee, then go to a house with your laptop and enter in the information.. into the free website. Yeahh, that would work…

What the company says:
“SolarRating OnLine gives you the information needed to confirm solar technology at your home is a smart investment – one that protects the environment but also reduces YOUR long term energy costs. Green Power Labs’ innovative site assessment tool, SolarRating OnLine determines a homes’ suitability to solar technology used either to heat water or to generate electricity. Suitability refers to the amount of energy it is possible to produce at a home using solar technology to reduce a family’s long term energy costs by replacing a part of the current energy source – oil, gas, propane or grid electricity – with energy taken from the sun.”

The freebie:
click here for the freebies for canadians

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