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Free Sprite Coupon from Coke

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Free Sprite for Canada is great for those long trips to the Yukon when you find that one gas station within 50 kilometers and just have to get that sprite to keep you wake until finally reaching your uncle’s cabin which you find out doesn’t exist, but is rather a tent, with no heating, no clean water, and well you end up sleeping in your car, writing really long sentences for Canada samples thinking about your Sprite which is almost empty. Ok, so we’ve had some rough road trips, in which we have gotten lost, been run off the road, or found out we’ve actually been going the wrong direction for the last hour. At times like these you can cry, camp out for the night in your cramped back seat, or just get a Sprite using your coupon from Canada samples.

Our sister site SampleaDay featured this awhile back, and those in the US did recieve a coupon redeemable for a free Coke, this time for Canada it is a free Sprite coupon.

What they say: Get a coupon for a 591mL bottle of Sprite or any participating Coca-Cola® product. Just bring it into any large chain grocery store and make the exchange. Coupon expires December 31, 2008 so be sure to redeem before this date.

Just add it to your cart, it costs 0 coke points.

Get Sprite via this link

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6 Responses to “Free Sprite Coupon from Coke”

  1. Albert says:

    would like bottle of sprite free, as it is a very good product

  2. linda says:

    Where in the link do you find this coupon?

  3. Diane says:

    Where is the coupon? cannot find it. Please give more details.

    Thank you

  4. Uncle Ted says:

    i-coke in Canada is not the same as the U.S.
    IF you have entered a minimum of 10 pins from coke caps(the maximum per wk) you can exchange them for a 591 ml coke(coupon for diet-coke, sprite, etc…)
    Technically this is NOT a free sample.

  5. Allen says:


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