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Free Studio Tax Software for Canadians

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So apparently there is this thing you gotta do every year, called “paying taxes”. It sucks, and if you don’t do it… eventually they may take all your stuff. So if you don’t have all of your assets placed in one ounce gold coins hid in your mattress where nobody (including the Canadian government and your hubby) knows about it… you’re probably gonna have to file those taxes. But have no fear, free Studio Tax Software is here to help you (minimally) to pay your taxes. You can pay for more help, but if your taxes are simple… you can just use their free version! What is the catch? Well, the catch is they want you to download the version for people that have very simple taxes and realize you need more specific help. Then you gotta pay

The Freebie:

QuickTax, Do it for FREEclick here
for the freebie!

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