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Free Stuff At Canadian participating Aveda Experience Centre

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Who wants some free stuff. Well if you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Laval, Ottawa, Edmonton or Calgary this one is for you. Simply go to the Aveda Experience Centre and mention Sweet Spot. You can choose from Free Aroma Sensory Journey, Free cup of Comforting Tea, Free Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual, Free Stress Relieving Neck and Shoulder Massage, Free Makeup Finishing Touch. You will also receive a free aveda product sample. NICE this is part of the
Aveda Stimulus Package Promotion. Stimulus Promotion? WTH. Why not give us a lil cash. I mean comforting Tea is all good too. They say its a great way to clear your head. Holy cow… I am all out of fresh jokes. Why don’t you help me. Give me a joke in the comment box related to Aveda products. Maybe I’ll reward you with a free gift card.

More information about this Canadian Freebie:
click here to learn more about the canada sample

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4 Responses to “Free Stuff At Canadian participating Aveda Experience Centre”

  1. Ruth Anne says:

    If you could give me a ride to one of these exotic places to get a stimulating package, I`d love to go. As I live in the sticks, hundreds of miles from any Aveda locations, guess I`ll just sit here and wait for you to come and get me. Thanks!

  2. Mike says:

    Cash is no good. It causes more stress because you want to have more and are not going to get it. That’s why you need desperately to go to the Aveda Experience Centre and come back refreshed. Then the jokes will flow freely.
    Just imagine you, the only guy there getting a body massage (well, neck and shoulder form part of the body)with lovely ladies all around and with nice soothing aroma and music … if that does not relax you … what will?

    P.S. Don’t forget to send me my gift.

  3. Sharon says:

    just to let you know–there isn’t a store near me–closest one is in Toronto and I am 3 hours away

  4. linda says:

    free cash always clears my head

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