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Free TENA sample for Canadians

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Man, I pissed myself when the economy began collapsing. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have freaked out. Gas prices went down and I don’t have any money in stocks. So, yay me! I’m livin’ phat now. But I did freak out. I’m a drama king. Had I been wearing an incontinence diaper, I could have acted like nothing happened. But since I was at my mother-in-law’s house, and pissed on her couch, now everyone in the family knows. She even told the neighbors, and called a steam cleaner who came over in a van the next day.

Sometimes diapers can be bad, though. Remember Lisa Nowak? She was the astronaut who went crazy, put on a diaper, and drove across America to attack her boyfriend’s girlfriend. Had she done all this without a diaper, no one would have made fun of her.


For the most part, though, it is best to wear protection if you need it. So get yourself a free pad, briefs, or underwear.

click here for the free sample for Canadian Residents. This free Sample is Available for Men and Women.

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3 Responses to “Free TENA sample for Canadians”

  1. dolly says:

    I loved this post about TENA this writer is good and has an excellent sense of humor keep up the amusing work…I am enjoying the samples and the newsletter thanks

  2. i needto try this product i have tried many cheaper brands

  3. susan conrad says:


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