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Free Tom Waits Sample Album

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Get the first 8 songs with a free sample of the new album (practically the entire album).  Tom Waits is a great singer, a great artist and like everyone else he decided to release his own free sample.  The norm seems to be, record an album, release it as a free sample and hope people buy it directly from your website.  This way Tom doesn’t have to share the profits and at the same time, new people can discover his music.

So what are you waiting for, give your email and get a free sample of Tom Wait’s new album!

Free Tom Waits Sample Album
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3 Responses to “Free Tom Waits Sample Album”

  1. Linda says:

    Did anyone there actually listen to this character?This guy is TERRIBLE ! He is a great singer in his own mind perhaps. I think thats why he is giving away his songs free. Who would buy this trash ???

  2. charissa123 says:

    he’s an oldy but moldy!

  3. raindog71 says:

    He’s not a ‘singer’ persay. He’s more like a storyteller. One of my favourites.

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