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Free Water Testing Kit From Diamond Crystal

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Are you worried about your Water Quality? Here is your chance to get a free water testing kit sample from Diamond Crystal. Before I say anything about this sample, I have to comment on the name of the company. Diamond Crystal? Isn’t that being a bit repedative? Aren’t Diamonds Crystals? Apparently they sell Diamond Crystal Salt… how confusing is that? Well anyways, if you REALLY want to know all the crazy stuff that is in your drinking water, and I mean REALLY want to know… then you can get a free home test kit. The company that provides these samples provides water softening supplies to help make your water easier to use for dish washing, pools and your laundry machine. My water comes out of my faucet bright white (no joke), I wonder if they can fix that!

What the company says:
“You may take it for granted, but every day, the water you use affects your lifestyle. In fact, hard water (which impacts 80% of American homeowners) can be a real hassle. Hard water can make cleaning more difficult, leave spots on dishes and lead to stubborn buildup on faucets, water pipes and fixtures. It can also contribute to dry skin and dull-looking hair. And washing machines that use hard water can wear out up to 30% faster than those that use soft water!*

The Canadian Freebie link:
Click here for the free testing kit OFFER IS NOW EXPIRED
* Remember to click the button on the bottom requesting the kit. Note if you leave your phone number you may be contacted.

Other News:
If you are an OC bus driver you can get free lube from the following store (they have been on strike for several days):

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2 Responses to “Free Water Testing Kit From Diamond Crystal”

  1. linda says:

    Umm… plz tell me the free lube is a jokee. And that sign too. OMG> LMAOO

  2. mo says:

    nice water testing

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