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So picture this, you are sitting on the bus on your ride home and a beautiful french Canadian girl comes up to you (dont ask me why french canadian… just go with it) and asks you what you are reading. You say ohhh the latest playboy… Check out the Cahunnas on her! FAIL FAIL FAIL! Lets try this again. A beautiful French Canadian Girl comes up to you and asks you what you are reading. You say. Oh why I am reading this wonderful publication that just came out from HealthyWoman Org. Have you seen the national Womans Health Report? The statistics are staggering. Check out the fast facts about womans health. See I care about women…and I care about you. etc. etc. etc. SCOREEEE! Thats right… much better. So check out this Canadian Freebie so you too can meet nice people on the bus.

The free Canadian Freebie:
click here to get the free sample of Publications about womans health.

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