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Generate Kindness Stickers Canadian Sample

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This can be a crummy world sometimes, where you wonder where did the kindness go? Sure it will take more than free stickers to generate more kindness in our lives, but maybe that little sticker will be a reminder that we should sometimes save the last chocolate donut for our roommate, put down the toilet seat for our follow females, and give meal to that homeless clown we pass by everyday.  Even Google employees could use it after they’ve seen their stock drop to a low of $312.08, while 3 months ago it was worth $450 per share.

The catch, according to them: What’s the catch? Am I going to get email spam, junk mail or product samples or something?
Nope, you’ll get a free Generate Kindness sticker, and maybe a note saying thanks. Your name, address or email don’t get sold, loaned or given to anyone.

Free Generate Kindness Stickers

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