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We have been free canada samples each day for the longest time. Many of our sample friends have asked us, how can you find so many free canada samples on the internet? Well the answer is easy, parrots. We found that parrots do a pretty good searching the internet for free samples. Then when they right one, they emmit a hello in a squeeky parrot voice and we know they found something. Of course the parrots do get things wrong ocassionally, so even though we’ve trained them to find the best free canada samples, things could become mixed up. Sometimes the USA parrots get mixed in and we end up publishing a US only based sample. Or sometimes the parrots work too early and the sample expires by the time people get it in their inbox. In any case, we are working hard to correct the actions of the parrots so this kind of stuff happens few and far between. Then we figured better to let non parrots find samples, using our free samples forum. Still the front of has always been one of the best places to find free samples and we will try to keep it that way.

So far though the parrots have been getting funny making us
1. elfed free from office max
2. Let us know that you can get free stuff at McDs by following them at twitter

Should the parrots find more canada samples, we will let you know!

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