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Give Wildlife a Break Sticker

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There are plenty of ways that you could give wildlife a break. Whether it means breaking so they can cross the road, breaking off the antlers off the 6 point buck you just caught. Or giving that dog sled dog a break after pulling your lazy butt around all day. It’s time to give wildlife a break and no that doesn’t mean going up to animals and breaking them in half.

Get this sticker so that maybe people will stop for animals crossing the road and not try to score on some imaginary point system (btw cats are 15 points, squirrels are only 5)

Give wildlife a break sticker
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4 Responses to “Give Wildlife a Break Sticker”

  1. sampler says:

    haha. giving them a “break”
    … what point system? never heard about that everr.
    wierd. i could just lie and say i got 1000000 points!

  2. lia says:

    This is for Americans only

  3. Sarah says:

    not interested as it says united states right on the sticker

  4. Star says:

    Same, LMAO. Friggin’ Amuricans.

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