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Greens Plus Vitamin Supplement, Greens Plus Free EXPIRED

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So we’ve read about Greens Plus, we’ve heard about their organic products, but still we couldn’t figure out what Greens Plus was or why we should get their free sample.  So we found out that one daily serving of GREENS Plus® Wild Berry Burst delivers the antioxidant equivalent of more than five full servings of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ok now we wanted to know could we just skip the veggies and fruit and just add this to our greasy pizza?  I mean the latest fruits and veggies I had were pineapple and green peppers, and does tomato sauce count?  Then we heard that this Greens Plus goes great with shakes, so we made our usual pizza smoothies, you know pizza ground up into a smoothy?  Ok so that made a mess…

In any case Green Plus should be giving us the vitamins we need without the need to change from our pizza, khebabs, and fried eggs rolls that we eat on a daily basis.

What they say about Greens Plus®: Orange Peel Enterprises, Inc. is the formulator, manufacturer and direct distributor of the Greens Plus Family of Products. We actively search Earth’s Lands and Seas™ for only natural, premium quality, organically-grown and wildcrafted Superfoods for our Award-winning products. Orange Peel Enterprises is not a multi-level company.

Greens Plus Vitamin Supplement, Greens Plus Free
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One Response to “Greens Plus Vitamin Supplement, Greens Plus Free EXPIRED”

  1. Jennifer Irving-Chandler says:

    They’ve run out of samples

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