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KNEX Canada Free Samples, for Building KNEX expired

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Sure we want to give you free KNEX and other stuff for Canadians and sometimes the zip is messed up or the link is broken etc.  We want to thank everyone who leaves comments to let us know, as well as everyone else know that there is a problem with the sample and we will do our best to fix it when possible.  THANKS GUYS!!!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe a company like KNEX is offering something for free, when I here I pay for everything.  Use the toilet? There is some lady demanding my 15 cents to keep the toilets clean.  Want to use internet? Pay at least 1 euro per hour plus the cost of a coffee.  So in a world where everything costs, whether it is the air you breath, or just the fluids you release, it’s great to add that word “free” to at least something.  Even as a I try to use the crappy internet they have their and I can’t connect they blame, me, saying it’s my computer that’s messed up and not their network.

The catch? Your free something could be just one piece, or they’ll send you an incomplete KNEX kit. But if it’s just one piece, I’m adding it to my keyring.

KNEX Toys Sample for Building KNEX Stuff
Sign up via this link THE CODE IS: KNSF08  we believe this is expired?

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Expired, Not Free ?

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One Response to “KNEX Canada Free Samples, for Building KNEX expired”

  1. abitdisappointed says:

    I checked the link to the free sample for KNEX and they have reached their limit for samplers. should remove the link

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