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Laptop Computer Screen Cleaner for Free

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This is a revolutionary free sample of computer screen cleaner that works wonders for any laptop screen.  They promise delivery immediately for getting any dirty screen nice and clean again.

It doesn’t help when I use my monitor to kill flys, smash mosquitos and cook hotdogs (yes my computer does get THAT HOT).  Now it’s looking pretty gross, so gross that even my dog wouldn’t lick it.
dirty computer screen

Yeah that’s laziness plus lack of will or reason, but hey hopefully this free sample works fast so my monitor will be sparkly clean!

Laptop Computer Screen Cleaner for Free
Just sign up via this link

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24 Responses to “Laptop Computer Screen Cleaner for Free”

  1. Marlene says:

    I clicked onto the link to sign up for a Laptop Computer Screen Cleaner for Free. All I got was a video showing a dog licking a window and no way of getting beyond that except to close it off.

    WHAT GIVES????

  2. Mary says:

    I usually use Windex to clean lovely little fingerprints off my screen, but have otten quite kazy to do so lately.
    Hopefull this product will help.

  3. James Dickinson says:

    Love the monitor cleaner. My friends have had pugs for years, and will really appreciate the practical application!

  4. Ann C says:

    Is this just a Joke or what I got the same thing as Marlene and I am not LOL!!!!!!!!

  5. Uncle Ted says:

    It’s A Joke! It’s Cute!
    Don’t you two have a sense of humor?

  6. DEBBIE says:

    Yes everyone. It is a joke::: I received the same thing from my sister. Quote was: ARE YOU TIRED OF BUYING SCREEN CLEANER TRY THIS NEW SYSTEM.

    Stupid but it’s kind of funny. Who ever put it on here should tell serious freebers that it is a joke.

    Oh well that’s life.

  7. jackskoko says:

    Sure it’s a joke and I thought it was pretty funny. I sent it on to friends with a laptop!!

  8. Ann C says:

    Well after clicking soooooo many times I realized it was a joke!!! CUTE little Pug and thats exactly what my window looks like from my two dogs….why didn’t I get it at first try!!!!
    Was funny!!!!!

  9. Tammy says:

    I love the screen cleaner. Where can I get one?

  10. laurie says:

    ok, i changed my mind, do not send, my shepard will eat this cleaner, lol

  11. Niall says:

    This really quite amusing and anyine who doesn’t find that the case needs to find a freebie for a sense of humour!!!

  12. trevor says:

    i hope this works
    i didnt click on it yet
    i have a lcd monitor and theirs afew fingerprints on it so i hope this works and i just got bitten by a mosquetoe lol

  13. caroline says:

    All I got was a pug dog licking a glass nothing else! Kind of Gross!

  14. Lina says:

    Cute, I love it.

  15. Carissa says:

    That’s cute.

  16. Tim says:

    ROFLOL 8-D

  17. Charlotte says:

    Crazy good idea!

  18. NATASHA says:


  19. Sharon says:

    I think this is great. We all need more of this type of thing. Sometimes we all get too serious and this little freebie just lightens us up. Thanks soooo much.

  20. louise kaszuba says:

    i could really use this cleaner thanks

  21. Gina says:

    LMAOROFBSU… genius!!!! thi smade my day. What a great freebie. Congrats to the one who posted this. Thanx :)

  22. Kerri says:

    I’d like to keep my screen clean — sounds great. Won’t need the fluffy end of my pens to clean it any longer — just will use the other end — voila!! a Pen!!

  23. Gloria17 says:

    Common folks don’t you get the joke. Monitor cleaner. It’s the dog sillys.

  24. Angela says:


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