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Letter to Canada Samples Subscribers By Mail (and Facebook)

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Hey guys! Thanks for subscribering to our sample website where we bring you free stuff and a picture everyday we consider funny. Sure we’ve offended a few of you, messed up a few offers that might have been USA only, and heck maybe some of the offers didn’t arrive to your house. You’re probably pretty angry, and our website is probably up in the dartboard at your house.

But hey we’re only human. We try 380 days a year to bring you at least one offer everyday.  If you don’t get at least one thing in the mail or something free at least one time a year, our website has completely failed you and feel to unsubscribe.

If you do get at least one thing, hey we hope you enjoy it, and if you get a chance share it on our facebook page!

Why Do We Write Free Samples for Canadians?
Because someone once said we were the cheapest people alive.  I suppose this website confirms it.

What’s with the night samples?
Sometimes we will post more than one offer a day.   Sometimes great offers happen at night. In that case we will release a second subscription. Our deals always on go on facebook as soon as they are posted.

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