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Malcolm Free Hot Chocolate Samples for Canada -EXPIRED

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Canada is cold brr.. or maybe global warming is heating things up? In any case, beat the winter with some Malcolm Hot Chocolate with a few free sample packets to get things nice and toasty.  Or, go green and warm your hot chocolate with solar panels and our friend the sun.

So just who is this Malcolm? As they put it: Our hot chocolates are made from recipes using only select ingredients. Rich Dutch cocoa and wonderful flavours are blended together with a tradition of care to ensure we are offering the very best to you.

Alright so Malcolm, all we can say is thanks for making Canada a little warmer and the sun? please don’t melt our icecaps and flood New York City… and we’ll be cool…. k?

Malcolm Free Hot Chocolate Samples for Canada
Freebie has expired…. don’t worry we are looking for more! :)

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Expired, Not Free ?

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8 Responses to “Malcolm Free Hot Chocolate Samples for Canada -EXPIRED”

  1. Brenda says:

    I clicked on the link and went to the website, but I can’t see where to request the free sample – do I need to click on something? Thanks

  2. Janet Cotton says:

    Went to the site through link, but could not see where free offer was.

  3. C. A. says:

    I’ll be danged if I can see FREE samples anywhere, guys. ;)

  4. admin says:

    yeahh, we realize they took down the free samples :(. It must of expired… We will find more for you! No worries :)

  5. C. A. says:

    Oh, I’m not worried .. I know you’ll dig up something interesting for us. Wasn’t very sporting of them to take the offer down so soon though was it? Party poopers!

    Thanks, guys and gals, for all you do .. appreciate it!

  6. Bernie says:

    I recieved a sample of 4 flavors of their hot choc. It was good but made very small portions per pkg. They sent 4 of their regular sized pouches.

  7. Dave says:

    If you type in ‘malcom hot chocolate’ in google and click the first one at the top you can easily the free sample form. It has NOT expired. Just checked.

  8. Dave says:

    This freebie has NOT expired. If I’m wrong than I’m the only person who gets this sample.

    Just copy and paste

    into your browser and if that doesn’t work search
    “malcom hot chocolate sample”
    on Google.

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