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More Best Free Canada Forum Samples

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Musicnut aka David has been posting tons of free Canada samples on our forum, so we’ve been giving him all the prizes. So far we’ve given  out 200 swagbuck points, had over 100 samples listed on the forum, and want to list a couple of the best free forum sample posts we’ve found.

There is the 1) free simplistic wall sticker samples that you can stick all over your wall via this link

2) Free Health Publication and Tape measure free sample.  This includes a free health publication and a free tape measure to measure how fat you are getting over the holiday season.  They start to put out those green and red M and  Ms and I can’t resist.  This might not even be enough this year.  I’ll need to request two of these free samples.

Get it via this link

Want free stuff? Just share some info on our forum, whether it is a great deal you found, or some coupons, or maybe just something you go in the mail. We give away lots of random prizes to those who share their thoughts…

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4 Responses to “More Best Free Canada Forum Samples”

  1. musicnut says:

    My name is not David…you must have me confused with another poster on this site.

  2. musicnut says:

    My name is not David…I think you might have me confused with another poster on this site?

  3. Bonnie says:

    I finally received my P&G Brand samplers last week..
    I LOVE swagbucks!! I have got 12 in 4 days!!


  4. shelly says:

    I can get on the site and I can enter my address info..(although it is not shown in dark black) it’s shown in grey lettering..and then i click Submit and it doesn’t allow me to have those lady bugs stickers :-(
    It just goes to a blank screen and says DONE at the bottom of the screen

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