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Official Ping Pong Rules Poster

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Looking for the OFFICIAL Ping Pong Rules? Well if you are looking for the Official Ping Pong Rules, you have come to the right place. Have you ever played a game of ping pong, or pool but wanted to win so badly that you maybe fudged the rules? Oh, no you say… getting the eightball in early means that you win. Hitting the ping pong ball off of the wall means double points! Ceilings Count too! Well, if you are one of those people, this freebie may not be for you. If you are for law and order, or think you are getting swindled… you might want this free poster to hang right by your Ping Pong table. It tells yah all the things you can and cant do and is given by Newgy the makers of the Robo-Pong. Rule 4 saysi f you don’t have an official Newgy Paddle or Robo Pong (click here to see what the hell a Robo Pong is) you lose 4 points…. That is what happens when you make the rules….

The free Ping Pong Rules Poster:
You can get the free poster by CLICKING HERE

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One Response to “Official Ping Pong Rules Poster”

  1. Pam Walters says:

    My mail lady is going to love me….hehehe

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