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Organic Olive Soap for Free

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I used to think olives belonged in salad and wine, but now get Olive in an organic soap too. Olive it!  (Bad pun…)  In any case yes, start smelling like your salad as you bathe, maybe start washing up with cheese and sauce and add on the olive soap and you’ll come out smelling like a pizza?

This one is Canada only, like every free sample on this site.  Expired? Let us know so we can tell everyone else. 

Organic Olive Soap for Free
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6 Responses to “Organic Olive Soap for Free”

  1. faye wright says:

    for free sample of organic olive soap

  2. lisa says:

    thank you for the sample…can’t wait to try!

  3. Lori says:

    This is my first visit to your site – I love it! Looking forward to receiving my free sample!

  4. BrittanyDawn says:

    Hey it says only for the prov of Quebec!

  5. sha says:

    “reserved for residents of Quebec”

  6. OutOfLuck says:

    This offer has expired :(

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