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Possible Canadian Free Sample of Natural Persimmon Tea – Not valid

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Okay… thats right you heard me…I said Possible free sample. Why you ask? Why the misery? Ohhh the uncertainty will keep you up at night. Will my freebie come? WILL MY Canadian freebie come you dream as you turn in your sleep. Well the truth is… we just weren’t sure about this one. Natural Persimmon tea sounds pretty good… I like tea too. So yes you can checkout with the free tea sample. Even put in your canadian address. The only problem is it is an american site. So we had two choices… we could either not tell you about the possible canadian freebie and maybe miss out on a great deal OR tell you about it and you can come to your own conclusion. So check it out for yourself…

The possible free Canadian freebie:
Its not possible.. life sucks sometimes … but we found some more freebies for Canada… we do like every day. So keep checking

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8 Responses to “Possible Canadian Free Sample of Natural Persimmon Tea – Not valid”

  1. Erin P says:

    Nope, it won’t let me go through the process…..says can not ship to Canada.

  2. Bev Boyle says:

    Do – it says we do not ship to Canada. Oh well, their loss!

  3. Bev Boyle says:

    Oops, meant ‘no’ not ‘do’.

  4. steven says:

    so it even has an option for Canada as country and province and postal code …but then says we do not ship to canada..weird

  5. tigerclaw says:

    A Note From Natural Persimmon Tea

    The following fields are required or are invalid:

    The product “Natural Persimmon Tea – Sample” cannot be shipped to Canada.

  6. Lynda says:

    Same here tigerclaw.

  7. Lana says:

    I tried to get this and got a thing popping up that said this sample can not be sent to Canada

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