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Powerbar Protein Bar Sample for Canadians

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Finally a really awesome sample for Canadians. It’s a Powerbar for those that want the extra protein in their day (good for vegans and what not).  As far as we know no animals were harmed in the creation of any powerbar.  No animals are hurt in the creation of Sampleaday either.  This is a 100% meat free site.  This site is powered by the tears of a clown, and written by two starving writers, who are powered by cheese pizza.

There you have it, a site run completely wholesome, minding the animals, the meats, and alright sometimes we splurge and eat a bacon cheeseburger, but we are only human..

Powerbar Protein Bar Sample for Canadians
Sign up via this link *you have to 1) in editions in top right, select canada.  2) on the bottom of the page select the free sample 3) register for the site

The catch: limit 1 per household, register online between May 18, 2009 and June 22, 2009 (starting this Monday) at for your complimentary sample of powerbar.

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9 Responses to “Powerbar Protein Bar Sample for Canadians”

  1. henry says:

    thank you for free samples

  2. marne pape says:

    i need all the energy I can get

  3. Alley-Cat says:

    I’ve been signing in for the Power Bar. Its a real pain in the butt. The site is too slow and my patience is gone. nearly half way through but cant be bothered. I hope it goes faster for everybody else.

  4. susan conrad says:

    i would like to try the power bars

  5. need some power to stick to my diet

  6. Tracey says:

    Now expired :(

  7. Carol Thompson says:


  8. Kyle says:

    Man these bars are great!!!!! I can last for over an hour now, my wife thanks you Nick!!!!!!!!

  9. krist says:


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