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Purina Welcome Kitten Kit for Canadians

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We’d like to welcome all Canadian cats with a Welcome Kitten from Purina.  Personally I’ve always had a thing for cats.  They only come to you when they’re hungry, and when you try to pet them its either a belly rub or he bites.   That’s what I find out after recently buying a cat.  Basically my house was being taken over by rats.  huge rats.  Smart rats.  I sent out traps and they manage to get the  cheese off without breaking the trap.  Now that I’ve got the cat, somehow the rat and the cat are friends, don’t ask me how, but I actually see the cat playing with the rats. WTH?

So please let me borrow your cat, but please don’t pull that take it for a week and then dissappear off the face of  the earth so i get stuck with another cat that can’t manage to even kill a mouse…

Come on I’ll even get you a link to get your cat a Welcome Kitten Kit from Purina

Canadians sign up via this link
(register to get the free kit)

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4 Responses to “Purina Welcome Kitten Kit for Canadians”

  1. I have had 4 cats since I got married 33 years ago. Two were mousers and two were not. I did not even know I had mice in my present house until we brought home Allie 9 years ago. She caught 6 that first winter. About a month ago a chipmunk got into our house. I was getting ready to shower when I heard her running( she sounds like a stampede) then a high pitched EEEEEE!. It found refuge in our furnace room. It took us two days and multiple bait but we caught it and turned it lose outside. I really could not let her kill it because they are so cute. My older cat, whose has not been a mouser has caught a couple in the last 3 years. She brings them upstairs( usually into the bedroom) and turns them lose. She wants us to know that she can catch them also. Good thing I’m not afraid of mice. I just don’t want them living in my house.

  2. Miki says:

    This is a link that can get you a free puppy kit instead, or as well, nice to know there’s a company that wants to set people off on the right foot in pet care!

  3. [...] Purina Welcome Kitten Kit for Canadians - Welcome in your new pet cat with a free sample from Purina Canada. [...]

  4. Tammy says:

    Brenda that is a funny story i love how the cat lets them go in your bedroom.. Mine just usually leaves half the body parts around the house for me to find later on. Weird when your walking down the stairs and there is a little mouse tail at the bottom of it.

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