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Tigex Baby Samples for Free

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Babys are everywhere and though we’d all like Tigex baby samples, I have to remind you of something first.  In Canada French is everywhere, in Quebec they all speak French, and so we all have seen French everywhere.  Have you been paying attention?  Do you know a few basic phrases like Name and Last Name?

Well today’s Tigex Baby Sample gets interesting.  The form is, yes, in French.  Ok, so we were lazy and never learned it, and why silly me I learned German instead.  Sprechen Sie ein bischen Deutsch? Oder nicht?

So I cheated and you can too, just visit and that will translate what you are having problems.

Ok the sample already! Geeez!

Tigex Baby Samples for Free
Get it via this link

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2 Responses to “Tigex Baby Samples for Free”

  1. Ann C says:

    no way Hose…cannot be bothered searching the site for a sample..blahhhhhh

  2. Nathalie says:

    By the way, we also speak English in Quebec. And the link brings you to a form to fill out if you have questions about Tigex products. From what I saw, it does not offer free samples. But then again, I did not look very hard for it.

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