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Tips For Getting Free Canada Samples

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There is no free Canada Sample in this post, I am simply addressing some issues we have come across on canada samples dot com. Some freebies appear to be US only like yesterday’s free poster sample, but all you had to do was change country to Canada from USA.

Our tips for getting the free Canada Samples
1. Make sure to change country to Canada. Sometimes you have to manually change country to Canada.
2. If there is only a state drop down box, click it and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Some put States and Provinces in a State drop down box.
3. If it doesn’t accept your town, put the next biggest city near you.
4. If the free sample is older than 2 weeks, it maybe be expired, that means no one notified us yet. Use report posts to tell us about it.

We try to keep all our Canadian sample posts valid for Canada. If it doesn’t seem like it is for Canada, check again, did you miss the country box? Scroll down the state list to find the provinces?

Thanks for helping us grow this site!

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Expired, Not Free ?

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3 Responses to “Tips For Getting Free Canada Samples”

  1. Sharon says:

    Did the canadian thing and then got told posters could only be shipped to the USA

  2. twiterbee says:

    It won’t allow changing but thank you.
    I have tried many times in many things.

  3. twiterbee says: allows you to complete it for Canada, then says at the end “only available in USA”

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