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Underjams Night time underwear

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Lets face it, Wetting the bed SUCKS. I wish I knew about the underjams nighttime underwear and it’s bed wetting protection back in college. My roommate drank so many “fluids” that he’d pass out on the bed and leave a puddle for the next morning :( . Also one of the main reasons I had the top bunk!

So while I try to get rid of this image of a bed filled with… Peanut Butter (dogs love it)… fill out this free sample!

Free Underjams Nighttime Underwear
Get them HERE, we won’t tell anyone you wet the bed!
*This sample is valid for Canadians and Americans Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to find your province

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5 Responses to “Underjams Night time underwear”

  1. Crystal says:

    Where the hell are the samples?????????

  2. admin says:

    um try that link there?

  3. Diane says:

    click on the above word HERE (get them HERE)

    I just requested some and it worked.

  4. Kat says:

    hmm don’t send to canada

  5. Sarah-Jean says:

    Well ding dong doodle! this fancy shmancy free samples site is so new fangled! if daddy saw me with this he`d rip me ta shreds like the time i asked if i could go to school… he whipped me with his horse whips

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